sliced bread

If you've ever scythed a lawn before, you know how happy you are when you finally get to use a real lawn-mower. Hey! You can just push a machine instead of that whack-swoosh-whack-swoosh-whack-swoosh**. It's the elation you feel when you load a dishwasher after years of washing by hand. It's like reaching for sliced bread vs whole loaf and crappy knife. Yes, really.

As good as sliced bread.

That "THIS IS SO EASY!"is my attitude (at the moment) about this new way to do my newsletter. Holy moly, after years of messing with email programs and trying to hide the recipients' addresses and dumping emails that don't work and . . . . other stuff. . . . there's this program that will take care of everything but the content**** for me.

As soon as I get banned because someone who forgot they signed up for my newsletter complains to the management--that's when I'll feel less sunny about the whole thing. But until then, the people at tiny letter are my heroes.

Yo, sign up for my newsletter. That's what this entry was supposed to be about.

**when I was a kid, we would go to the farm and there were no power tools there. Gawd. No running water either--we had to haul water up from the spring and heat it on the woodstove. I didn't go to school there, but if I did, it would have been 3mileswalkinguphillbothways for sure.
There was a tractor but sometimes the grass got to high or something.

****and Megan Frampton is right, content is a perfectly good word, dammit.


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