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I think it's time to get back to reading Literature again. I've had a streak of YA and easy reads but a varied diet keeps one regular. Don't want to clog up the system with too much of one genre.

I've noticed that when I read books by people who are much smarter than I am, there's a nimbus effect. Their little glow rubs off on my brain. ew. Anyway, the emotional chunk of my mind is always in gear. Other bits need some charging up. It's a temporary effect, but I'm sure it delays the decay of the little grey cells ... by a few hours at least.

Except I'm trying to find things to do with a bored 14-year-old. I hate driving; he hates staying home; the summer programs are over. There aren't friends around so I can't foist him off on other people. We'll have to do something so I don't look back on these days with regret. I want to push fast-forward on various parts of my life until they're past and then I want rewind. It's a good thing time apparently only chugs along at a steady pace in one direction. If I was put in charge we'd all be dizzy from the back and forths. Thrown around and back and forth like on a tea-cup ride.

Today's big adventure: looking for the car of the kid who's locked out of it. This occurred in Frog Hollow so I've been warned to do it soon because omigod someone will break into the car any second now. Trouble is I don't know where the hell the car is. Or where his classroom is. Or how to find them.

At least I'm not scared of Frog Hollow. I have neighbors who refuse to go to that part of Hartford. This response always always gives me the (temporary) desire to move to Frog Hollow ASAP. Actually a part of me always always wants to live there because who wouldn't want to live in a place with a name like that?


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