It's a Summer Devon day at The Romance Reviews

Here's part of their review of Powder of Love:
Are aphrodisiacs real? If they are, what happens when they affect various members of a Victorian era household? POWDER OF LOVE is a funny, spicy and at times, downright graphic story of a woman who inherits a box full of aphrodisiac.. . . . The growing relationship between the dour Gideon Reed and the outgoing and strong willed Rosalie is delightful to read. Rosalie's interactions with the various secondary characters are well written.

The presence of this aphrodisiac provides for some pretty hilarious comedy as various people fall under its influence. It is also the cause of some of the steamy action that occurs. At just under 200 pages, this book is a wonderfully complete read. It's a story that stays with you long after you finish reading! This book isn't for the faint of heart! The sex is graphic; it involves group sex, public sex and M/M sex.
--the rest is here.

And here's the Mad Baron review--it got a Top Pick!
Wow! What a nice surprise! THE MAD BARON is a wonderful treasure found. This is no disposable romance. It is an instant classic to be kept "on the shelf" and read over and over. . . . The story flows smoothly from start to finish. Great characters and story. The secondary characters are all wonderful and the dynamics seem to work. Although there's so much happening, it doesn't overpower the main plot. Much more depth than the usual romance. Excellent emotional element. Highly recommended!

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