SBD days later

Okay, I did the Florida Keys mystery books a year or so ago (Carl Hiaasen, Dave Barry, Lawrence Shames etc) and now I've stumbled onto the Hollywood mysteries.

So far, my favorite is pretty slick and has a lot of stereotyped characters and no one has any real humanity but it was funny and clever and the story-telling technique was purely fun. Death By Hollywood by Boccho, that guy who does all those TV shows. Then there are all those Harry Bosch books, but we know about them. And now I'm onto Jefferson Parker and some other author whose name escapes me and I'm too lazy to look up.

I've discovered a key component to a lot of the guys--they are devoted husbands from just about the time they discovered sex. The one true thing about them is their love for their wives, usually some girl that they met in high school and have loved steady and true ever since. And wouldn't you know it, early in the book or series, the wives either fall over dead or walks out on them. That leaves the window open for either the blindingly attractive high-class whore who scorns them (and then they get to scorn or reform her later) or some other bitter, complicated woman and the hero can sleep with her without appearing to be a scummy devil who lives up to the love-em-leave-em life of Hollywood. He probably can't stay with the bitter complicated woman because he's still in love with the absent wife. So there can be another gorgeous woman in the next book.


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