local cheap writers group in search of

It's that time of year again, when I start searching for guests for CORW.

1. someone who can talk about setting up a blog and other web presences for authors. I suppose that means. . . hell. I have no idea because every year, in nearly every way, my own internet presence shrinks.
And if there's talk about
"branding" I break into hives. Except this isn't a talk for me so never mind that.

2. someone who can tell us all about POD/self-publishing vs vanity press/fate of MMPB/. . . in other words, all about the future of publishing. Since the present of publishing is pretty confusing for most of us, that would be nice too.

UPDATED: of course CT's own Don Linn would be our first choice.
UP-UPDATED: Damn. Brown-nosing didn't work after all. Still looking for this #2 speaker.

Booksquare's Kassia Krozser would be perfect but she's in freaking California.

Angela James would be great, but she's in Maryland (and we're too cheap even for that. Our stipend's $50 plus mileage and maybe one overnight if we really, truly have to)

Jane L of dearauthor would be fabulous, but she's . . . Um. . . I don't know where.

Maybe a Preditor/Editor person too, also, instead.

3. An agent. Someone from New York would be nice. If she didn't mind doing the trip in one day because we are so very cheap.

4. An editor. See above about cheapness.


  1. how about sarah from smart bitches? she's in NJ.

    (and i'm honored you'd consider me)

  2. I replied to your comment about She Who Must Not Be Named.


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