best moment of vacation

There was this traffic jam on 495 that was a giant party. We all got out of our cars and walked around and talked to each other. As far as the eye could see cars, not moving. People wandering around.

Every now and then an emergency vehicle came zooming down the breakdown lane, giving us something to talk about (and making the people hanging around on the rail very nervous). There was a kid from a couple cars up jumping rope for at least ten minutes without missing. Someone else hauled out a tv and a group gathered around to watch some game.

other fun moments include kayaking, biking, trampolining and other active stuff--those all happened AFTER the traffic jam.

More good things later.


  1. Very cool! I've missed a few blog posts (I, too, was on vacation). Where did you go?

  2. cape cod! which means we spent a lot of our days waiting in traffic.

  3. Sometimes shared experiences with strangers like that are great. Other times they're just a pain. Glad you had a great vacation.


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