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I got tired of my old header ("random, occasionally about writing and getting published") because I don't seem to write about writing or publishing much these days. And the word random is used too often and used wrong. It's not "nauseous" or "hopefully" but edging into their territory.

I'm getting used to the eerie computer voice on my Kindle. I started listening to it when I got a batch of books I wanted to read but was in a multi-tasking mood. It's the same odd computer voice that'll read to you with Word. I was listening to a book that had a hero named Cal and I thought how sweet it was that people called him California and then realized only happened at the end of a sentence. Whoops.

Speaking of Kindle (tangent, see?) Did you see that the Amazon bestselling Kindle list is going to split? Freebies and pay-for books are going to be put into different categories. Makes sense.

Back to the story I'm writing with Bonnie. I'm doing the hokey pokey with this damn thing putting in stuff and taking it out.


  1. your link doesn't work right. I click on it, start to read and then get booted out. Got a different link? I want to know about this.

    I'm doing a horrible job of getting more than a page or two done each day on my edits to Storyteller. Just having some focusing issues. I do still like the story. I think I'm afraid of getting caught up to the point at which I was stuck before, because the rest of the story doesn't seem much clearer now than it did when I started the rewrite.


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