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I felt sort of sad about abandoning the blog so I'm coming back to say hi and I'll blog again.

And if you're a marriage counselor, don't write a book about staying married. Hubris will demand your marriage immediately crumble. I recently met yet another (the fourth!!!) counselor going through that. Margaret's friend was doing that way back in the 60s. She went on a radio show to promote her book. The host said, "so how long have you been married?" and when she said, "actually I'm going through a break-up." The host ended the interview. Done. Finis. Dead air time...or the next guest.

Here's my Staying Married secret: don't focus on the big stuff or the little stuff. So don't focus, unless you're in a good mood. Also marry someone who you like even more than you love. There. I've doomed my marriage. Now I have to go write at La Paloma. After all, I'll need to support myself now on.


  1. As someone who's getting married in August -- I really second the LIKE part of it.

  2. Congratulations! That's wonderful!!

    Generally speaking, it's a good time, being married.

    my 25th anniversary is coming up, so I'm feeling smug--which is not good. Complacency is just asking for trouble, says the superstitious woman.


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