oh, ah

that last entry seemed to be all snarly about the romance when it should have been about the great reader. I only emphasized the crappiness of the book because if it had been merely been meh, then the gusto, the pure joy of the reader's work would be less heroic.

I love my new computer, thanks for asking, except the mouse seems travel a lot and ends up landing any which way all over the place so when I write stories without paying attention there are strange paragraphs inserted into words.

like this bit of gobbledygoop I just wrote:

Three dogs came hurtling from nowhere--silent shaggy creatures that threw themselves on Miguel. His dogs were always well behaved ater came gushing out, and without the thumps or air hisses of a system that had been off for a while.

well maybe it was funnier in the manuscript. Yeah, that's it.


  1. KATE! You're practicing William S. Burroughs's "cut-up" method, I see. How you doing? Why aren't you blogging?

  2. I'm not blogging because people don't read my blog because I'm not blogging....
    and because I'm lazy and because.

  3. what I should be doing more is reading other people's blogs.


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