waaah don't make me go home again

Do you really want to go back to the scene of your childhood? I seriously don't. I'm going to in a couple of weeks. The RWA DC conference is across the street from my aunt's house (well, the place she founded, Woodley House, and where I used to hang out all the time) and it's about 2 miles from the house where I grew up.

I'm fully expecting the anti-George Bailey experience. I'll see places and houses that meant the entire world to me back when I was a spring chicken. Those places and houses will have changed--or not--but none of the changes or non-changes will have anything to do with me or my influence. No one I know will be there. I will have left no footprints in the place I lived for 18 years.

Who wants to be reminded how little they matter in the world?

I plan on staying in that comforting atmosphere of anonymous hotel-dom.


  1. But I will be there! :D It will be all good.

  2. ::::snivel::::

    thanks, and yay.

    I exaggerate a bit about not knowing a soul. My bro still lives down there and will take one kid. And my great good friend LR is going to rescue my other kid from me.

  3. You're going to DC??? And you didn't tell me before this??? Sheesh, I would probably have come if I'd known you were going.

    Hhmm... it's probably a bit late to book a ticket... probably... isn't it?

    I have been vaguely contemplating a research trip to Boston or thereabouts later this year. Still not quite sure where my new heroine is from.

  4. I got my ticket yesterday. I was pretending that I wasn't going.

    if you need some badly outdated research facts--I've lived in Boston too. (I liked that city much better.)


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