I THINK I managed to make The Rat Catcher a free Kindle book

I had put it up before but didn't like the idea of charging even ninety-nine cents for it. Then I noticed someone is selling a 30 dollar version of the lulu book (the one I made for a friend)


But maybe Amazon has changed its policy and I can put it up free. That's what I'm attempting even now. The little green dial is ticking around as I upload it.

Enough ancient history though. Rat Catcher is old. I need to write more better bigger brighter books. Huzzah!

Sorry I haven't been answering your emails, especially you, BD. I've spent today in a fog. Tomorrow real life begins again.


  1. If you figure out how to make it free I want to know how! I just uploaded a book and wanted it to be free but it's making me charge 99 cents. SIGH.

  2. Did you go to that RWA workshop about online promo? the one that got interrupted by the fire alarm? It inspired me.

  3. I bought a house instead of going to RWA so no promo love for me. Though I was watching on twitter. I have some free reads on my website that I've got formatted in all the different ways and all, but I was hoping there'd be a way to stick them on Amazon for free. From what I can tell it only works if a publisher does it. Did you figure out a way?

  4. No! Damn. It automatically loaded at $3 and I lowered it to $1 (cheapest is 99 cents) .... I want to see if it works on my Kindle.

    a house is more exciting than RWA even with the fire alarm. congratulations!


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