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I've given up on listening to a J A Jance mystery because the reader was so terrible. She mispronounced words ("unflailingly"), sped up at odd places, and occasionally sounded like she was chewing on something. I could hear the book pages turning. Now that one is "so what?" but yeah, it annoyed me. I had no idea I'd gotten so fussy about who reads aloud to me.


I read Passion by Valdez and wish I had gotten the Chase book instead. It was better than I expected, but it annoyed me. Big dick worship wasn't the part that annoyed me most. The whole sacrificing yourself for someone without telling them what you're doing--that's the theme that bugged me. Plus lots of purple sex. With the big, big dick.


Also. I think I need to stop with the romance for a while. I keep sneering at the whole made for each other thing. Not a good sign.


After a bunch of Patricia Briggs I tried to read a Layton I'd just discovered and the Layton seemed to drag. It's a perfectly fine boook but ooOH NO! I've been converted into a high speed action reader. Nooooooooo!!!!

Now I'm going to finish the Sonambulist before we get on the train for DC (ugh ugh ugh. that's for the trip, not the book) And maybe I'll try Agent to the Stars. These are actual paper books and everything else is going to be on my Kindle or the mp3 player. No more dragging along bags of books and tapes. I approve of this brave new world which means less back ache.

My middle guy and I will be in DC on Wednesday unless I manage to come up with a last minute reason to stay home. BTW, I hear there is NO FREE WIFI ANYWHERE in THE HOTEL Not even the lobby. Why is it only the cut-rate places give free wifi? Stupid hotel.


  1. Not a fan of the big pulsating dick behind the screen at the museum? I have when that happens to me every time I go.

    Can't get enough of Chase!

  2. lol (really I did)

    I bet the guards at that exhibit rolled their eyes when they saw those two coming. heh. coming.

    Or maybe they sold tickets.

  3. Everyone ran away when Passion and her big dick man came.

  4. So, Kate, I've been wondering for quite some time...what is SBD???

  5. It's been a while since I read that explanation myself. I don't usually live up to Beth's SBD. I mean....make an effort? Really?

  6. Plus lots of purple sex. With the big, big dick.

    What, cock ring too tight?

  7. as a matter of fact I think he was purple. My memory of the book is that he was ten and a half inches, with a purple oozing head. Nummy!


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