hot pix

This is me in the newspaper. Wasn't I the cutest thing in the world? I believe I thought so. Wild that they put in our address. Just shows that I'm very, very old and from a very, very different era.

and this is me older.
Awww. My auntie took that picture

I don't have a punchline. Just wandering around my computer trying to clean things up.

Margaret's doing far better. She's awake again.

I wonder how many people will wander over here because of the "hot pix" title. Heh.


  1. Love the pictures! The one of you at your littlest is just adorable. :D

  2. Anonymous10:15 AM

    Wow, I see where your boys get their looks now. Especially Boy 1 through the eyes. And those cheeks! All 3 of your little darlings got those cute things.

    The picture of you older? Ummmm.

  3. That's Margaret, not me.

    Not a very good picture of her, but I didn't want to put up one that would make her face too clear in case the idea annoyed her. . . hmm I bet it will annoy her. Maybe I'll ask because getting PO's would probably be good for her about now.

  4. You're still gorgeous. And if you don't believe me, ask your hubs. Twist his arm if you have to.


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