My post about DA*

I'm a coward so I did it anonymously. But I figure, what the heck--I should be braver, and yo, this blog doesn't get a lot of traffic.

I posted this in the very long and heart-felt (hey romance writers and romance readers--what do you expect?) thread at Smart Bitches.

 anon because I'm still intimidated **says:
I’ve never been attacked by Jane so I’m not taking the whole thing personally, but “attack” is definitely the word for some of the backs and forths I’ve witnessed between her and authors and publishers. Generally speaking, I think I’ve agreed with her more often than not. Yet I’ve also seen a kind of self-righteousness and holier-than-most attitude that almost made me feel sorry for the people she’d target…almost but, like I said, she was usually right. [I'd amend that to "she was often right"]

I’d hope that a purely black and white view of issues will end for her now that she’s guilty of doing the sort of thing that would have sent her into one of her usual articulate, well-reasoned attacks.

If this were fiction...There’s a trope of a proud woman humbled that I usually think is despicable. (It practically ruined the movie Philadelphia Story for me) But maybe the notion of relaxing the stiff, unbending rules of punishment would be something to strive toward. More accepting apologies without additional scolding. More good humor about mistakes, even when you call them out–because calling them out is good.

But I’m kidding myself. She’s a human under attack–a lawyer to boot– and they’re not known for opening their hearts and minds in these situations.


* Like most posts about DA, it adds nothing. Insight isn't what this part of the process is about. In fact insight is rarely my goal because that means having answers.

**Not so much that I'd be shunned by a community but that I'd cross someone like Ann Somerville and Azteclady, two passionate arguers whose passions burn hotter than Fabio's hair on an 80s cover. Fierce frightens me almost as much as spiders in the shower do. 


  1. No real commentary on the issue at hand, because what I think and feel about it is irrelevant. Just wanted to say I admire you for posting and giving voice to your concerns. <3

    1. And what I feel and think is even more irrelevant. (At least you're a visible, active figure in the Romance World)..That didn't stop me or about 1,000 other uninvolved onlookers from yammering about it.

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