Our new cover!

Bonnie and I got the rights back for this book and are putting it up ourselves. 

It's already up at Amazon and at ARe

It should be available soon at Barnes and Noble, but I swear that place is acting cranky-odd. Our former publisher had taken it down--it was definitely gone--and then today the old version popped back up.

It was definitely just B&N being spooky. The publisher had nothing to do with it.

Anyway. Look! Two half nekkid guys.....and it's this story:

What does a jaded earl see in a studious young man? Everything he never knew he was missing.

The dark, alluring Peter, Lord Northrup, is Stephen's every nighttime fantasy made flesh and he's in Stephen's bed, ready for passion. When Peter discovers the bedroom mix-up, he's ready to leave until Stephen begs him to teach him all the things he's only imagined.

The two men, visitors at a country house, begin a delirious, passionate affair with Northrup as teacher and Stephen his eager student. Peter knows their liaison is about hot sessions of sexual exploration, not love--and backs away when he sees shy Stephen's heart is involved. Passion and commitment can't coexist for men like them.

But Peter is haunted by memories of the summer fling and the quiet young man he spurned. But he may have taught him Stephen too well the lessons of a cynical roué.


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