What do you suppose is worse: outliving your best, most productive, popular, star-of-your-own-life years or never really having those years? One involves loss, and that's hard. I suppose if you've never really hit any kind of high, you might not know you're living in a low. But what about when you look back, realize you're over and--that you were a non-starter?

And since it's all perspective--the view from up there or down there--the best and worst of anyone else's experience can't be generalized.

Still I keep thinking about athletes who come into their own when their bodies are young and then --poof--about the time the rest of the world is revving up in a career, they have to start over. At least they're usually young enough to be able to make a fresh start.

And this seems to be about careers. Pfah. What you do out in the world is not the whole enchilada, right? I hope.

* * * *

There's a column over at SBTB all about what she's sick of reading in sex scenes. Pretty funny stuff (and familiar too).

BUT okay, you people who write about writing ....Now I'd like to see an article about fresh, interesting sex scenes--a column that's just as witty and fun as a snarkfest is about the bad stuff. Is such a column possible? Probably not. The fun and laughter isn't so much from the column as it is from those awful images. 


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