The world is a strange, strange place.

So I read a book I really enjoyed, and here's a review. 

I got the book from Storycartel, which is a cool site, except, jeez, it just rejected my book The Earl, a Girl and a Promise as too sexy.

Here's the thing. The book they did allow, that I found and read (and enjoyed) starts out with a long, well-written description of people being beheaded. There are hundreds of deaths in that book, many of them described in detail. There's cruelty and horror. Hey, that fits the book and, like I said, the book is pretty damn good. But still. It seems pretty sick and strange to me that people draw back in horror from sex and don't have a problem with books describing extreme violence.

This is normal. Will it always be that way? The distaste for loving/sexual content at the same time stories with multiple murders are considered acceptable--yo, the values in this set-up just seems very wrong. And every time I think about that, it becomes more bizarre. 


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