YUM. Mm. What's for dinner? ....oh...really? That?

My new, can't miss idea! 
A Tastier Than It Looks Cookbook... as featured on the Facebook!

clockwise from left: 
Empty pancake plate (plenty of good recipes for pancakes. I like this one but I separate the eggs and whip the whites). 

Top (white gunk)=1 part mascarpone cheese, 1 part yogurt OR sour cream, some sugar, lemon peel, lemon and lime juice.

Far right--cameo appearance a banana (not appearing in this recipe but you can add it to sauce if you want. I bet it would be tasty.)

Bottom right (red sauce)= about 1.5 cups raspberries, splash of oj, more lemon and lime peel and l n l juice. Also sugar to taste. 1-2 tablespoons corn starch. Cook and cook and stir while you cook. 

The lumps are partially cooked peaches--I throw in peeled chunks toward end of sauce cooking (don't like mooshy peaches) 

Plate the pancake (don't you love that verb? Yes, you do). Glop on white gunk. Glop on fruit sauce. I can see this working in a crepe, and I suspect the two sauces would do well on a fancy cake, say angel food. You could make it into a good trifle if you chopped up the cake, and if you add whipped cream to the white gunk (it's pretty thick as is) AND no matter if it's used for a trifle or for filling---I'd add a splash of grand marnier to the red sauce. And to the cake. And in that glass over there.

Oh, and maybe I'd chop the peaches in a more elegant manner for a nice cake. I tend to go for the chunky peasant look when I cut up anything. But this is not called the Oh So Beautiful Cookbook.


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