Out early, out often.

"LOVE BETWEEN THE LINES releases October 15!"
 Except wait! RT Magazine just gave it 4.5 stars. By the time 10/15/13 rolls around, anyone who read the review ("The characters are colorful and animated, befitting a thrilling story line") will have forgotten all about the book. What to do? How about a Shhh temporary sale? So for anyone who read RT Magazine, or who reads this post, here's a link to a pre-wide-release lower price.

The above paragraph is the note I just put up at Facebook. Welcome to my new book's non-release release (or soft opening as we in the new business trade call it, I think). 
Here's where it's happening:
1. At this blog (hi!!)
2. On facebook
3. At my webpage that doesn't change much--but did for this occasion.  
4. RT Magazine, electronic October edition, which mentions the book as available at my webpage. 

I also just posted a single twitter about it. 

Otherwise, I think we'll all just go about our business and pretend that October is the book's release day. Maybe this promo-in-monthly-chunks will keep us all from loathing mention of this book.

So shhh. Go get the book for a dollar less than it will be once it really does release. Would that be a hard opening?

All I know is that my all-important wall calendar, that never lied to me except that one time about the dentist appointment that really was at 2:30 (Hey, I thought it was a joke) is lying now. The book LOVE BETWEEN THE LINES won't just be released October 15. It's out Now! Now! NOW! Sorta.

Much as I love my lovely 4.5 stars, I do wonder if the person actually read the book. 


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