Happy release day to us!

It's a Samhain title, a m/f romance by Bonnie and Summer!

Love is always in the last place you’d think to look. 

Between her steady waitressing job and less-steady gigs designing websites, Ames Jensen is scraping together enough money to buy the old farmhouse that holds most of her most treasured childhood memories.

When a complete stranger buys it right out from under her nose, she stomps over for a neighborly visit, prepared to dislike him on sight. Yet even after he nearly brains her with a shovel, she finds herself more attracted than alarmed.
Falsely implicated for stealing from the Esposito crime family, Nick Ross is frantically in search of his supposed accomplice, Elliot Jensen, or at least the money and information the man took. Elliot’s hometown seems the perfect place to look—and the last place the Espositos will look for him.

Elliot’s cute, vivacious sister is an unexpected mother lode of clues—and smoking-hot distraction. But when she does a little digging of her own, the truth threatens to send their love—and their lives—down in the crossfire.

Warning: Contains a secretive man with a shady past and a woman from a small town where no one can keep a secret. If they fall in love, sneak a kiss or two, and have a little hot sex in a shabby farm house, well, it’s nobody’s business but their own.


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