A New Cover!

This is a book that used to be by Summer Devon; and old title was The Mad Baron (I seem to change just a word or two of those old titles.)

Why did I do this? I got the rights back from the publisher and I couldn't use the old cover, which I liked a lot (the hero matched perfectly).

Bonus for me: the new cover is something like the cover for Powder of Sin. Angie Waters is good at making them similar.

old cover
I'm making the non-paranormal m/f historical titles by Kate rather than Summer. We are talking branding, people; I am so twentieth century.

Look for Her Mad Baron sometime in the next day or two at Amazon. It's going to be a Amazon Select book because it's been a while since I tried one of those, so why not?

 * * * * * 

--And since today is apparently marketing day here at Kate's blog--
Every now and then, I do a list of all the books I've written. I just complied a list for the back of the new version of Mad Baron. Man alive, I've written a bunch of books. Here they are, along with their Amazon links:


As Kate Rothwell
Somebody to Love, Kensington
 Seducing Miss Dunaway (a free novella!)
[and Her Mad Baron, but this is lifted from that book]
As Summer Devon
Taken Unaware, Samhain
Direct Deposit, Total-e-bound
Perfection, Ellora’s Cave
Invisible Touch, Ellora’s Cave
Irrational Arousal, Ellora’s Cave
Futurelove, Ellora’s Cave
Her Outlandish Lover, Ellora’s Cave
Goodbye Phillip,  m/m novella
Game On, m/m novella

With Bonnie Dee:
Serious Play (m/f), Carina (also available as an audiobook)

With Linda Gayle:
Claws on Silk (historical m/f/m)

Coming soon:
Sibling Rivals (m/m contemporary) Samhain

Coming soon with Bonnie:
Fugitive Heart  (m/f contemporary). Samhain
Oh damn it!! I forgot 
but I'm not going to reload the whole HMB book for that. 

Seriously, looking at that list exhausts me.  Never mind that a bunch are co-written with Bonnie and many of the others are novellas--that's a lot of words. 
Hey, how come we're not rolling in the green yet?


  1. I love the new cover! Congrats on getting your rights back and diving into the fray!

  2. Thanks, PJ! I'm not sure I've got the strong drive necessary to do self-publishing well, but I might as well try.


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