so much to do today

Yes, yes, it's all promo. But really, this is a new book release day so I can't be blamed, dudes. Plus this is a release day with bells and whistles. What do I mean?
First up:
1. Here's an audiobook! Yes, an AUDIOBOOK. Read by someone named Angele Masters who is a freaking professional. She's good, too.

Serious Play/out Today/it's not Gay
I listened to the sample and it happened to land in a chapter that I mostly wrote** (Bonnie and I alternate chunks of the book, usually chapters, and then add words and whatnot to each other's chunk).

It's the first time in a long time I've heard one of my books read by someone who wasn't me (ick, unbearable) or the robotic voice of the computer (works for editing). I'd supposed I'd be embarrassed to hear my words read, but really it brought me back to old writing classes, the kind where the teacher reads the papers for the class. You look around, trying to see how everyone's taking in your stuff.

In other words, I'm getting school flash backs on top of the embarrassment.

Did I mention that Angele Masters is good? 

Back to Release Day Promo. Item two
2. Dieselbooks is featuring us at 11 a.m. today. And you can get this very book for ONE DOLLAH! That is assuming you manage to be the first of the first ten buyers. So Go! Buy!

Item three:
3. We are going to be the featured m/m writers over at goodreads in May. That's cool. We lost the vote but apparently the runner up gets to be on the list too. Not really promo for our new release, but I like it and this is my blog. Deal.

Item four:
4. There really isn't an item four, I'm just amusing myself with this listing method that reminds me of yet another class I took where the teacher would read the syllabus and say it like that "Item three. Number three." If I come up with an item four, number four, I'll let you know.

**Once I could bear listening to the whole thing, I realized that it's got a chunk by Bonnie too. Nice division of book excerpt.


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