Alone Mary thoughts in the shower

First of all, go over and comment at Sugarbeat's blog because I wrote a short article there and am giving away a book. It's easy to get the book, seriously.

Done? Good.

Now explain to me why I haven't seen this treatment of It's A Wonderful Life--thesis of  Mary Hatch** was  probably better off without George Bailey.

Mary can actually see

I'm guessing alcohol--no valium back then
I mean really. Let's stop and look at the two Marys

The main difference, the thing that always has struck me, is that the Alone Mary didn't walk around in a haze of near-sightedness and drugs (actually the drugs are a recent elaboration. But I've wondered about the glasses for years).

Alone Mary had some time for herself and managed to get to the ophthalmologist.  You can't convince me that even back then bad vision was thought to come on with sexual frustration and lack of kiddies. No. What happened was that Alone Mary had some goddamn time to take care of herself--not to mention she had time to read books. She had a career and didn't have to live with, and be dependent upon, a guy who was obviously losing his mind.

But Kate, you say, she's so much prettier with the husband and kids. Huh. Alone Mary didn't have to worry about conforming to a standard set by males. Alone Mary could dump the makeup and the clothes that are too damned thin for a wintery New England. She looks comfortable, doesn't she? And almost mannish. And she lives with women. Okay...let's go with this. Maybe she's paid attention to her true desires. Could it be that Mary is a lesbian? Living as far out of the closet as a woman could back then?

So that's what I was thinking about in the shower. Yeah, well, it made sense at the time. I forgot to take off my reading glasses (I keep them propped on my head) and got a surprise when I started to wash my hair. Glasses led to that old "Married Mary Needs Glasses (and to lay off the booze)" line of thought.

**Yes I took the time to google her maiden name--if you don't use it for dumb little facts, the internet gets lonely. True fact.


  1. Anonymous9:43 AM

    A woman alone and dressed badly must be a lesbian?

    This is ok, but you've been funnier.

    1. No, a woman who isn't married and doesn't dress to please men might be a closeted lesbian during a time when women couldn't marry other women.

  2. I thought it was funny. You just can't please some people.

  3. I had No Idea I'm so cool, especially since I dress for comfort not for "speed." Who knew! =:-D


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