SBD later but first, the tooth

I'll get around to SBD but first, I have a dilemma. I asked Mike what I should do and he said "I dunno. ask the facebook world."

Eh. Well. It's less bizarro than those people asking if they should have a baby or not. . .

My question: Do I save a tooth or yank it out?

Here's its dental history. (Warning: ugh. Teeth. UGH) The thing had a cavity, then a bigger cavity. And then a root canal. And now it's acting up again. There's an infection at the very way bottom of the root. So the dentist said, okay it's dental surgery time. They go in via the gum and jaw and do things that I don't want to think about. I said what about just yanking the damn thing? He looked shocked, but he would being a dentist and all. I'm thinking the stupid tooth has had its chances and it keeps acting up. Maybe it's time to say goodbye.

It's a molar sort of a tooth, maybe two or three one in from the last back tooth. That missing tooth look doesn't shock me. There was a time in my life when most of the adults I saw during the week had one or more teeth missing (refugee dental care isn't great, even after they leave the camps) I'd ask the refugees how much they miss those missing teeth, but that seems sort of . . . rude.

So I'll ask any of you. Does life change so very much if there's one space way back there?

I'm trying hard to care about the appearance of my smile, but frankly, I couldn't care less about that part. Except maybe I should. Does it put you off to see grownups with missing teeth?

Okay. This post is going on too long. I'll go pick up the kid from after school activities and get back to the books in another post.

I read two books lately, Frederica by Heyer (a Regency) and A Civil Campaign by Bujold (a Miles Vorkosigan sci-fi sort of a book) and they were a wonderfully good fit. Both Drawing Room fluff.

But later, later. If I'm late fetching the kid, I get a lecture you wouldn't believe. Almost as daunting as the prospect of dental surgery.


  1. How far back is it? I had an upper molar (3 back from the eyetooth) pulled like 15 years ago. Felt weird for about 2 weeks, hasn't been any problem since. Old-skool dentists tend to agree with me that its not a big damn deal to have a gap there, but some of the new fancy pay-per-treatment types try to tell me it's Bad to have a gap there. Structurally unsound, unnecessary barbarism, save the tooth at all costs, etc.

    I say teeth shouldn't be so much work, so yank it. Your dentist can put in a fake tooth, even - like an implant or whatever, to prevent your other teeth from floating in to fill the empty space (which never happened to me and rarely does in adults, so nuts to that urban myth). My dentist offered me a bridge, but I said no. I don't Mind The Gap.

  2. I had my back wisdom teeth removed on purpose, so if that's at all similar...yeah, go for it. There's some annoying post-removal stuff you have to do until the hole closes, and it's painful, but it does heal and life goes on. Much easier to deal with than jaw surgery, I'd think.

  3. Yeah, I had all my wisdom teeth out before they showed up. They were trying to grow in sideways. This would be different because it's already there and in place.

    If Beth doesn't Mind The Gap, I wouldn't either. Hah. Thanks. I wanted people to tell me to hell with the surgery, so good job, you guys.

  4. Kate, I had most of my molars removed when I was 25. I have a very narrow small mouth. Unless I open my mouth up very wide, you'd never know. I've been lucky as far as keeping the rest pretty healthy. So I think that if you are comfortable with the way that you look, just have it out.
    (My sister Toni Andrews got the good teeth in the family-grew up with fluoride in the water.)

  5. Anonymous11:13 PM

    I'm coming a bit late to this story but...

    I lost a molar (the very back one on the top next to the gum where my wisdom tooth would be except it got yanked out long ago). The stupid molar had a secret cavity and fooled everyone for a few years, then it very rudely broke on a piece of sweet-n-sour chicken. There was no choice but to pull it, due to the breakage all the way up to the stinkin' root, so I have this gap in the back of my mouth. No one can see it, but it did take about 6 months for me to adjust to the gapage. I don't even notice it now. The only thing that will happen is that your other teeth will shift - very slightly and the tooth below it can eventually "erupt" upwards. This sounds scary but I think it takes like 1 million years to actually happen. LOL Ok maybe not that long, but my tooth has been missing for 3 years, the neighboring teeth are easier to floss because there's a little more room there now, but the bottom tooth hasn't erupted.

    Oh, then you can also opt to spend like $3000 to get an implant - they put a screw in the bone (YUCK, ICK, GROSS) and attach a fake but strong-ass tooth to it. I have nixed that idea...but it's always an option if I get tired of the gaping hole in the back of my mouth! I'll never have $3000 laying around, so I doubt I'll ever fill the gap :) My dentist would love to do the implant since those are nice money makers, but I'm going to continue to say no, I think.

    I can't seem to log in via my google account, so I'm anonymous...

    Michelle (antinmitchfield)

  6. Hi Sue and Michelle,
    I'm liking all these "sure, yank it" answers. Better and better. The nice thing is I'm still asymptomatic so I can decide at my leisure. The nastiness is there, lurking, silent. Ugh. Teeth. . . So

    Do you feel just a little twinge every time you eat sweet and sour chicken, Michelle?

    Sue-- Didn't CT have fluoridated water when you lived here? I grew up with fluoride in my water and it didn't do squat -- or maybe it did and my teeth would be even worse, which is hard to imagine.

  7. can I BAN This goober? Ten sxe posts from the bassett.


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