Kate Ponders Willow and Bristol on Facebook

I'm not going to think about this story I'm writing. I'm going to cruise around. . . and WOW, would you look at that? Straight from Lamebook, a dumb back and forth between Willow and some other people -- and then.... howdy, Bristol.

My first response: five minutes of my life, gone, reading idiocy.

The focus of the MSM article I read is the faggot and gay stuff. The fact that there was gay and faggot calling in that thread isn't even slightly shocking to me. Here in fancypants liberal enclave CT the middle schoolers still throw those words around easily. They're being trained, but the words are still there.

What took me aback was how the Palin Jrs went snarling grizzly bear so fast. Aren't they used to that kind of trash talking by now? And come to think of it, the "hated the show" remark is hardly calling their mom a whore. Haven't the handlers taught them how to ignore bad press?

Then I got smug. I happen to know my kids were raised better'n that. A few years ago my seventh grader had to listen to a neighbor kid trash talk me (long, dumb story) on the school bus and he just hunkered down and pretended not to hear. Seemed like a good response to me and not just because he didn't want to get the snot beaten out of him. There's some dignity to not mixing it up with people like that. Stay out of the mud.

Furthermore, if any of my kids did go after someone on Face book, any one of the boys, even the 13-year-old would be more creative than that, not to mention use your and you're correctly.

My final thought -- before I started wondering what to make for dinner -- thank god there was no internet when I was sixteen. Bad enough for some of us noisy out-there adults. Add immaturity to the mix and yow. Ugly.

I wonder if there are going to be repercussions behind the scenes. I'd consider that kind of idiocy worthy of a stern lecture. Maybe even a few days banished from facebook.

It has to be worse for the Palins because, after all, that family makes its money on the members' images. No matter that they publicly cast the kids' facebook ranting nonsense as a "baby grizzly defending her mom" Privately, they must be doing some yelling. Because how else did those kids learn to be so grizzly? hey?

And for dinner? Um. Okay.


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