A long silence and a new book

I missed blathering into empty space. **
Today is a new book day and that's when I think of the blog.
Today I thought about it for that reason and because I wanted to find a post I did about rejections. I wanted to link to it to show an agent that she does excellent rejections.
The post isn't here--it was from 2005.*****
New book out today. The Private Secretary is a Summer Devon m/m historical, my favorite genre to write these days.

And it already has a review too! It's always great to have the first review be positive. Seriously a big relief and something to clutch to one's bosom when bad ones roll around.
Here it is at GGR-Review.

I loved it! The characters are quirky and laugh-out loud outrageous, the setting authentic, the dialog spot on, and with it all there’s a warm and humorous exploration of a time we think of as “uptight” but clearly is not when you know where to look and listen.

If you love historical fiction and a splendid cast of characters, of the upstairs/downstairs variety, then The Private Secretary will tick all your boxes—they did mine. Five stars and a recommended read.

and there's a contest at another site:
GO ENTER. Please enter. I'm begging you. Enter.

I'm staying offline mostly.

**Seriously, there's something freeing about talking into silence silence VS lots of responses from people who get angry when I get self righteous and preachy. Over at facebook, where I have 5K friends and open door policy, I get a lot of YOUR A MORAN comments. Usually the haters spell just fine but I get to mock them here because. My page.

But then again, at the moment I require a space that wasn't about the horror of what happened in Orlando. Because new book.

***** My motto when I wrote that post: Kate Rothwell/Summer Devon--Collecting Excellent Rejections Since 2004


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