Some stories come so smoothly

They're practically greased up. Slick as can be.

The story simply shows up, tip its hat, maybe blows on some loaded dice--loaded in your favor of course--and politely waits for you to settle at the computer. "No, hon, don't panic. I won't slip away or suddenly make no sense. Go on, enjoy the ride for once. Get some coffee even. I'll still be here. And maybe you'll come up with some great lines while you're pouring the half-and-half."

I had one of the easy numbers last week show up and it was made even easier when Bonnie agreed to come along.

I was reading articles about the London vaudeville scene -- music halls, rather, and read about Don Leno, watched a video or two of him and . . . now we have a novella.

I love those easy stories even more than I love chocolate.

Of course there's no knowing if anyone else will like them. That's the part I don't like.


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