Chickens are smarter than I suspected and they have definite personalities. This is bad news for me because I really love their meat. But the more creatures I meet and get to know.....sigh.

I wonder why more back-yard farmers don't end up vegetarians. I'm talking about the people who name their critters and hang out with them one on one. Big factory farms--not so much. I bet you push any creature into a large enough herd and there aren't individuals any more so they stop being real. The creatures all together turns into something that makes noise, poops and moves, a walking unharvested crop--horror novel time here because that probably includes people. (Mmm. New York lunch crowd takes on a more sinister meaning.)

And what about all those words like "harvesting" and "culling"?  The military has nothing on farming for the euphemisms.

Oh. My. God.

Not only am I turning into a vegetarian, I'm apparently turning into one of those sorts. EEeeiiiiii!!! I better go eat a steak or something.

In that last post I was Author C by the way. People have asked me who author B was and man, I'd tell you all, but Author A said it was bad enough that I put this out there, she didn't want any more information to go out. Not my secret and I've done enough.

Why did I write that? A fit of temper. Maybe Author B will recognize herself and be ashamed? I sure hope so.

A's argument was that B must be very busy and can't see to everything herself.

My answer is hogwash.

I might buy that she's busy but I've actually met some successful authors and I can say bullshit (or hogwash) with emphasis and a sneer.

For instance I've met a few authors who has reached greater success than B, but still manage to say "yay" and "congrats!" to people or even help them out. I'm thinking of someone like Kristan Higgins who actually is friendly even when it's not necessary. She hasn't adopted that Gracious Grand Dame manner that authors occasionally acquire when they meet success and move in with it for a few years.

I don't mind the Gracious GD manner, btw, but it is pretty funny to run into when you knew the author before.

I've met K H a few times, maybe six, but she still knows who I am (although not getting names or faces isn't really something I should be sneering about since I can barely recognize the people I live with). She doesn't owe me any favors, not like B owes A. I didn't know her before she became successful. But I know without a doubt that if I asked her for help and she turned me down, she would do it personally and maybe even with style.

And yeah, being really busy is a side-effect of success and I expect those people don't have time. But plenty of big names have manners and as far as I'm concerned that's defined as being nice--perhaps even going out of your way on occasion--with people who can't do anything for you and have no power over you.

Clearly that goes double for people whom you knew before and who helped you back when they weren't so powerless. Freaking ladder climbers are one thing, pushing away the people who propped that ladder up for you? Gah.


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