Goodbye but wait a, maybe....not? yes?

I woke up this morning and realized I don't want to be a writer anymore. The lack of positive human interaction, the sensation that I'm running as fast as I can and going backwards. It's too painful. This time I mean it. I'm done......hold on a moment though.

The story I'm working on now needs an end, and maybe I can make it a little more interesting. And didn't I say I'd sign on for another book with Bonnie? There aren't any plots knocking around my brain, but honestly, isn't that the best? Can we think of anything that's more fun? No? I didn't think so.

Okay, maybe I'll just try a bit longer.

Except maybe it's time for another all or nothing push, whatever the hell that means. Let's reach for either an all in or an all out choice here. No more dithering....

But no. Not me....for now, back to dithering.

Is petering out the best way to go? If you're going to stop blogging/publishing/interacting/living, then maybe don't dribble into nothing. Put up a closed sign like Sarah Daltry. I don't know Sarah Daltry or her books or her situation. Someone on facebook linked to her last post and I followed. (That's all I know. I'm not that interesting in the pile-on/response/hyper-response of what was going on before that post.)

Here's the thing: she seems to be turning off the lights, closing the doors behind her, and actually, purposefully moving on. I've seen other people do this but most of those cases have been a temporary freak out (me, this morning) or a cry for attention--an author hoping someone will stop her.

Taking Daltry at her word she's apparently made a choice, declared the end is here.

I never manage that. A total lack of bangs--whimpers are my endings. You have to admire someone who can actually pack up and call it a day. Finito. I wonder what would come next.

For her sake, I hope this will help move her onto a more positive path. I hope she isn't putting on a show--that she really isn't waiting on the other side of the curtain, waiting for a response from an audience that went home. I hope she left the theater and is out enjoying the quiet sunshine.  I hope she has something even better up next--and that she's abandoned all that baggage in the empty place she left behind. 


  1. turns out the whole thing isn't going away. Lots of comments and kerfuffling.

  2. You might as well try to stop breathing, Kate, if you think you can give up writing. You might last a few seconds, maybe even a few days, but you are a born writer. Hugs

    1. Sometimes I'm doing it mostly because I can't think of what else to do! YOU are a story-telling addict.

  3. Anonymous12:19 AM

    I didn't quite buy into the whole thing. I did read Ms. Daltry's post and worried for her because she talked about being suicidal. That worries me. However...there are other people who I'm sure will respond as Ms. Daltry wants them to. Does that make me mean and cynical? Or just realistic?

    1. I think she means it. She took down EVERYTHING and that takes time and work. Even if she does seem to walk away maybe she'll be an online ghost and look around at the comments and see what people said afterwards. I say that only because it's hard to imagine not doing that -- just like it's hard not to read reviews. (That's purely projecting, obviously.)


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