mini RWA report

overheard at the conference:
I can forgive a lot, but no dessert? That's not negotiable. I paid good money for this.

Agents are absolutely necessary--you're not going to want to try to sell your books in Russian, French etc. Let us do it for you.

I've always believed that anyone who claims to know where the market will be in a year is a liar. Now I know they are. Add to that anyone who claims to know how we'll be reading our books in two years. Except it'll be some kind of hand-held device like a iPhone. That's no lie. Really.

seen at conference:
coming in from publisher parties: Lots of fascinators. MANY OF THEM. Most with net and feathers.

Also corsets--a fair number of them (many of them at the Passionate Ink party I crashed at the very end, then paid full admission for. What can I say? I'm a crappy party crasher) Most corsets are dark colors and worn with no covering.

Lots of blue jeans and teeshirts. And I don't see as many fancy-pants decked-out types, and except for the corsets, nothing over the top. (And some of the breasts are over the top, if you know what I mean. But not really--in slutwear world view, these are fairly tasteful and subdued) Now I feel sort of guilty for coming down on the "Look PROFESSIONAL" side of the how to dress for the conference debate. I miss the fun clothes. I miss the swan hat.

I've only done one official event--the Samhain breakfast. It was good food (standard continental but better than most.) in a pleasant venue. I didn't meet anyone new, but that's my own damn fault. Wait, no, I met Jennifer the editor.

won at conference:
I did--Bonnie and I did! We won the Passionate Ink Historical first prize for Gentleman and Rogue.

There are a lot of people winning things, but I don't know who they are. The big event is tomorrow night and we're rooting for Lori to win the Golden Heart. She's Alexa Loran this year.


  1. Goodluck to Lori in that case! Hope she really would snatch that Golden Heart Award for all the good reasons out there :D

  2. Thanks so much for sharing with us poor souls who didn't/couldn't go this year. Love the "overheard" bit. Excellent.


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