Stuff report

Snow report:
back snow still about 1 foot tall and impressive.
pile in front less than 6" tall and this rain should do it.

Book report:
Yup, I'm reading -- Kim Harrison. I was annoyed by how people are portrayed as good, then bad, then good. In love, out of love, attracted, hate, love...but now I'm used to it. Everyone is a mix and Rachel, the narrator, really wants black and white so she'll keep switching back and forth in her opinion. I sometimes I wish it was in third person.

Also I'm reading some book my college aged kid left behind, Early Judaism: Religious Worlds of the First Judiac Millenium. Works for insomnia.

My Book Report:
The Mad Baron will be out next week, I think.

Food report:
We have strawberries and I need some now, I think.


  1. I finished Pale Demon this week. Really wondering what direction the next book will take, lots of possibilities.

    Mmm. Strawberries.


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