Tuesday, November 25, 2014

happy new book day to me!

"Must Loathe Norcross is small town m/m romance with a lot of hot body lusting, neighbourly nosiness, some quirky humour, and a delightfully gentle sense of love and romance."
booktopia november romance buzz

"...  I really had fun with it. I love Summer/Kate's writing and it always pulls me right through from start to finish. Recommended."
five stars Eli Easton

It's out today! Right now! You can go buy a copy for less than the cost of a Barnes and Noble fancy drink that I'm planning on buying myself to celebrate release day!
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When it comes to love, there’s no such thing as traveling light.
Born wealthy and ambitious, Grady once worked hard and played hard—so hard, it brought him to the brink of ruin. Now, after a five-year retreat into the contemplative life, he’s dipping a toe back into the real world.

Assigned to write a series of articles about a Connecticut valley’s small towns, Grady checks into a local hotel. And meets a bellhop who seems determined to show him around…and maybe indulge in a more intimate tour later on.

When Josh’s boss half-jokingly suggests he get on a first-name basis with the writer who could make or break their town’s reputation, Josh jumps at the chance. He dreams of seeing the world, but the man he thought might be his ticket out turns out to be less influential—and more attractive—than he expected.

Together they uncover a strange plot to detour Norcross’s tourist dollars, a plot that leaves Grady bruised and angry. Now they’ll have to decide how far they’ll go to save the town…and how far they’ll fall for each other.
Product Warnings
Steaming-hot room service, delivered by a cute bellboy in uniform. Stolen towels will not be tolerated, but stolen hearts? Help yourself!

Friday, November 21, 2014

New cover! Old book!

A fantasy romance, set in another world.

"This is a weird and wonderful fantasy. Very powerful--and uplifting.
 --Rob Preece (Goodreads)
The revolution has swept the world, and the ancient rulers--mind-travelers who controlled others with their psychic powers--have been swept from existence. But one of the true revolutionaries must follow rumor to track down the last of the mind-travelers.

Hunting mind-travelers is what Cor does--despite the burden of guilt he carries. The cast-away, Numi had been banished from society for her powers. Beautiful and more dangerous than any other enemy Cor's encountered.

Numi will haunt her enemy the only way she knows how. . .

I wrote this a while back and published it via booksforabuck. It was never a big seller, except it did very well at fictionwise....which should tell you how long ago the book came out. (fictionwise went under in 2012.)

Last month, I got the rights back from. I had an editor go through it, and bought a new cover. The editor, who's picky, said she enjoyed it. So okay! That's great!

Now you can buy it again, but only at Amazon. 

Tuesday, November 11, 2014

why pointergate is important--despite the stupid title

I worked with refugees for ten years. Every one of the hundreds of people coming through my classroom had lived in a war-torn country. Every single person I met there had seen people they loved killed.

the women who'd watched all the men and boys over 12 marched to the village green and shot to death. Every. Single. Male.
the woman who had her baby taken from her and thrown over and over against a wall
the man who had both his hands and feet lopped off
the man who cried every day at the back of the classroom and whose hands were permanently bent because they'd been tied for over a year.
the kids who wore that thousand yard stare no matter what you said to them or showed them

Their stories seem so far removed from our world that it doesn't seem possible it could happen here.

I learned three things from working with them:

1. No country inhabited by humans is safe from the terror created by that kind of hatred.
2. People you think you know can turn unbelievably horrible overnight. It's as if a switch is turned on, but really there are signs. Watch for the signs.
3. The war and killing ALWAYS, ALWAYS, ALWAYS starts with information from reliable sources (the government and/or news) dehumanizing people--the ones who end up dead or driven from their homes.

When men who pass as reliable (wearing neckties and good haircuts) tell stories based on fear and lies turning fellow citizens* into something as less than human, their lies must be uncovered. They shouldn't be vilified either (mocked maybe) but their exaggerations and dehumanizing lies MUST be revealed.  Not doing so risks lives.**

I didn't believe that before I met all those refugees--I would have thought it was comical to believe our country and culture could ever start one of those horrible wars based on hatred of fellow citizens' color or religion.

After meeting those refugees, I take those threats very seriously.  I am very jumpy, as in I feel the urgent need to jump on any story by anyone that seems to have the goal of making my fellow citizens afraid of a particular race or belief system (And major world religions**** do NOT promote violence. Only extremist wings of them do and please, please yes go ahead and denounce the extremists looking for violence. I don't want the Timothy McVeighs or bin Laden walking the streets).

Collective guilt is a myth created by people looking for trouble.


*or people in other countries, duh.
**no, I don't think minnesota is in imminent danger of exploding with race wars.  But once you wake up to this kind of awareness, it's impossible to let even small shit pass.
**** When I see Muslims tarnished with the brush of extremism, I think of my friends, the Bosnian refugees, and hope they never have to see a repeat of what destroyed their old lives happen in their new country.