Thursday, September 27, 2012

now for the promo-y stuff, but not too bad, so calm down


yup, this is the goofy one.

I had such good time writing a short contemporary for the m/m group, I wrote another novella.

This one's called Game On and it's about a bright but stuffy lawyer and an adult who acts as like a teenager.

* * *

Grant knows his fellow lawyers think of him as a calm but distant person. At the moment he’s unusually furious: some guy has been swimming in his pool.

Ned visits pools to jump-start his creativity. When one homeowner flips out, Ned's apologetic--and intrigued.

When they meet again, Ned decides he has to convince Grant he’s not trying to ruin his life and career, and that the attraction of opposites can be very good...very, very good.

* * *

Anyway, Game On is cheap--99 cents. It's a novella, although reading it will take longer than drinking a cup of coffee so you get a far better deal than you would at Starbucks or even Dunkin Donuts. (I'm convinced that comparing coffee to books is legit. Both offer breaks or supplements to routine.)

It's over at Smashwords and Amazon and Barnes and Noble --although the cute cover Linda did for me seems to have vanished there. Hmm. As soon as I get my act together, it'll be at All Romance Ebooks.

If you read it, let me know what you think.

2. Remember over at Amazon and Barnes and Noble when I said I'd donate to the AIDS/Lifecycle? I ended up getting some ad space at Regretsy with my donation.

I love seeing my book up on that page. So perfect. And the title I decided to push, UNNATURAL CALAMITIES, fits that page so well, I had to take a screenshot to show you:
This is actually at the members only section of Regretsy ** so I might be sued for unfair use or something.

Warning: If you go over there, you'll see that I've edited Mr. Clown by adding a duck and some brown covering in the groinal region. In other words, this is truly NSFW.

Even when I snicker at him, I admire a guy who's got the cajones (well...) to put this out there. He's not ashamed of who he is and what he enjoys OR he just has fun making people go W.T.F.

Either way, the world is richer for his presence--certainly the internet is.
** to enter the site, type CF4L in the box.

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

also happy birthday to me

I have over 350 greetings on Facebook, telling me that I should probably remove my birthdate.
It's my oldest boy's birthday too--he's way too old.

SBD (how many months late edition part two)

hey how come no one's commenting on my JR Ward column? 
I'm listening to Going Postal again, read by Stephen Briggs.  It's a fine comfort read. I used to grab Jane Austen when I needed a familiar voice. 

Monday, September 24, 2012

months later

There's a whole page devoted to bloggers who write "wow it has been a while." If I find it, I will post it. I went to look for it and got millions of hits when I entered "sorry I've been gone so long."

 In the meantime, I have to find somewhere to park this list of my books and this lets me. 
How have you been? Fine, I hope?
As Summer Devon
The Knight’s Challenge, contemporary dragon, novella, Samhain
Learning Charity, gaslight historical novella, Samhain
Revealing Skills, fantasy, Samhain
Taken Unaware, contemporary alien, Samhain
Unnatural Calamities, contemporary, Samhain
Direct Deposit, contemporary novella, Total-e-bound
Perfection, contemporary, light paranormal novella, Ellora’s Cave
Invisible Touch, contemporary light paranormal novella, Ellora’s Cave
Irrational Arousal, contemporary light paranormal, Ellora’s Cave
Futurelove, time travel novella, Ellora’s Cave
The Mad Baron, historical, Liquid Silver
Powder of Love, historical, light paranormal, Loose Id
Her Outlandish Stranger, historical, time travel, Ellora’s Cave
Goodbye Phillip, contemporary novella (m/m)

Coming in 2013 from Samhain: Taming the Bander, contemporary shapeshifter m/m

With Bonnie Dee:
Seducing Stephen (m/m) historical , Loose-Id
The Gentleman and the Rogue (m/m) historical, Loose-Id
The Nobleman and the Spy (m/m),historical, Loose-Id
House of Mirrors (m/m),historical, Loose-Id
The Psychic and the Sleuth (m/m), historical, Samhain
Serious Play (m/f),contemporary, Carina
Coming in 2013 from Samhain: Fugitive Heart (m/f) contemporary
With Linda Gayle
Claws on Silk, shapeshifter historical, Loose Id
As Kate Rothwell
Somebody Wonderful, gaslight historical, Kensington
Somebody To Love, gaslight historical, Kensington
Someone to Cherish, gaslight historical
Thank You, Mrs. M, contemporary
 Seducing Miss Dunaway, gaslight historical novella --FREE
Protecting Miss Samuels, gaslight historical, novella